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The SAN project aims to make to support parents in the Sefton area who care for children with additional needs, in order to help and guide them through the diagnostic process.  The project aims to empower parents so that they are able to navigate confidently around the many different pathways and procedures in order to access services in health, education and social care for their children.

Project Outcomes:

  • To improve parents of disabled children or children with Special Educational Needs to have timely access to the services and support they need – thus preventing unnecessary stress.
  • Increased access for parent carers to training to support them meet their children’s needs.
  • Increased access for families to therapies and equipment as needed.
  • Increased support to challenge ‘blocks’ in the systems.
  • Increased resilience and confidence amongst parent carers in managing their caring role and their children’s individual and specialist needs.
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