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An Inclusive Future CIC is a small not-for-profit organisation with big plans to make a positive difference working with local communities

An Inclusive Future's Network

At An Inclusive Future CIC, we’re more than just a small not-for-profit organisation. We’re a group of passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive impact within local communities. Our directors bring with them extensive professional experience, gained through various roles, allowing us to effectively engage with communities facing diverse challenges and barriers to social inclusion.

Over time, we’ve been involved in a multitude of projects, from the Peer Support Work Network to Social Care Support Plans in West Lancashire (See our “Projects’ menu for specific project information. However, we recognise the growing need within our community, especially amidst economic austerity and cuts in public services. That’s why we’re eager to expand our support services, offering a flexible approach to cater to different communities’ needs.

Who We Are

With our collective experience, we’ve worked with a wide array of community groups, centres, BAME communities, and anchor organisations. We’ve supported individuals facing substance dependency, learning difficulties, chronic health issues, challenges with mental well-being, and those not in education, employment, or training (NEET), among others

Aims & Objectives

Driven by our directors’ values, we aim to tackle inequalities within communities and enhance community well-being through innovative projects. We strive to foster cross-sector partnerships tailored to specific needs, support existing community development strategies, promote equality, and celebrate diversity. Together, we’re committed to making a meaningful difference.  

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